Friday, March 29, 2019

One Hundred Marathons of Solitude


In 2006 I allowed my siblings to set me on the slippery slope of running a marathon.  For lots of reasons it was a dissatisfying experience.  I reasoned however that perhaps, under different circumstances, a marathon could be more satisfying.  I tried it again ... and the activity became a staple of my existence.

After running marathons for a few years, an idea was hatched: complete marathon #100, in my home town, 50 years after high school graduation.

As I near #100, age is letting me know there aren't too many more of these events up my sleeve.  It has, nonetheless, been a wild ride.  I hope to hit #100 this fall.  In the meantime, here is coverage of this year's marathons.

#95 - Los Angeles (did NOT prove too much for the man)

I first ran LA last year.  It is by far the largest field I've run in.  In 2019 there are 23,000 runners.  My division, this year and last, had over 180 runners.  I sometimes run marathons with a smaller field than that.
Awaiting start
Approaching drop off point
And they're off
Filling the streets
Pacer carries flag in harness
Disney Concert Hall
Woman pushes cart with girl.  Earlier there was a dog attached.  I didn't think to see if it was in the cart.
Humor with Spanish 'J'
At my age ... I can only DREAM of running like a cheetah.  Sigh.
One of the nice neighborhoods
Almost to the finish!
Shortly after the finish: Our Lady of Perpetual Endurance Events

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